It’s the month of LOVE!!!


Did I hear drum rolls?


In as much as sharing and loving are the watchwords for this season, living should be the ultimate and most paid attention to of them all. What love is there to give when you are not alive or in the perfect position to do so anyways? As a road user, whether driver, pedestrian or passenger, 75% of your safety depends on you and a lot of it starts from how well you comply with road signs and markings.

Road markings are signs that are expected to control traffic flow for every category of road users. A lot of the signs truly are out there in your face and every sane person knows to obey them. There are however some small and not so obvious ones that are just as important as the obvious ones. Their seeming inconspicuousness makes it easy for them to be ignored. Well, see how far into danger and regret it has gotten some people.  

Here are some of the road marks people tend to ignore:


I don’t know if I’m the only one who has noticed that a lot of people take the Red Stop sign to mean ‘slow down but keep driving’ or ‘drive very fast since there’s no other car in sight’. The downside of refusing to obey this sign however is that a car from another corner that is very well in its right to make a turn could run into you. Worse off, it could be a human. Stop really means STOP and the earlier we understood that, the better.



Signs indicating that no vehicles are allowed past them are red circles with a white horizontal bar across the middle. This might be because it’s a one-way street and traffic is coming the other way, or because it’s a pedestrian zone.



No parking signs are blue circles with a red border and a red slash through the middle. No stopping (which, one assumes, also means no parking) signs are blue with a red border and two red slashes through the middle like a red X. You could be at a construction site where heavy things are falling freely from the top. What happens if it falls on your car with you in it?



The lives of these little ones matter just like yours does. Ensure that you slow down or grind to a complete halt whenever you get to a school community or zone. Truth is a kid might just dash across the street and your speed would be too fast to stop abruptly. Imagine having to spend some money catering for the kid at the hospital or dealing with a guilty conscience because you’re a hit and run. Simple antidote; slow down fam.



Current research shows that the speed limit sign is the most ignored traffic signal presently. Nigerians are of the habit of hurrying to their destinations either because they want to beat traffic or because they are running late. However, Forbes Magazine has named speeding as the tenth most deadliest thing to do on the road and also a major cause of the many road accidents we see. The statement is never outdated that, Overspeeding Kills.

Love your life enough to keep it in this season. Know your road markings and ensure you comply with them.




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