It’s December! The month that heralds one of the best seasons in the whole year globally.  A season where you get to celebrate, see some family members and relatives for the first and only time in the whole year, take time off work for that much needed rest and just get an holiday generally. Yes, it’s Christmas and the end-of-the year.

Naturally, a lot of people will be travelling to several places during this period. Examples of those are our Igbo brethren going to their villages with their whole family to visit their extended relatives or the people in the village coming into the cities for the same purpose. The consequence of this is that roads will be jampacked almost every time defying the specific rush hour and free time traffic status quo that our roads have come to be known for. As someone once said, not only Santa Claus is coming to town. Traffic demons are accompanying him on his journey. Traffic jam will lace every road possible even the normally free ones. Hooligans might seize the opportunity to perpetrate their evil acts of robbing cars stuck in traffic especially on dark roads. Not to talk of the accidents that will sadly occur on several fast paced roads, most especially because of the hurry with which everyone is moving and the very bad state of Nigerian roads, mostly the inter-state ones.

If you can, here are some roads you should avoid by all means.  Take alternatives that lead to the same destination if there are those. They might be longer but a lot safer, less stressful and maybe even a lot less crowded by cars.


Benin-Ore road: If there is one road known for day and night-time robberies, it is definitely this one. Robberies by armed bandits that will leave victims killed and injured, cause traffic jams for endless hours sometimes requiring the presence of high officials of the neighboring states. Accidents also rid the road because of the bad state. The state of the road has always deteriorated, no matter how many times the government fixes it. Maybe the bandits resort to destroying the asphalt no matter how much the road is being fixed, who knows.

Milliken Hill: On the road to Enugu, this narrow road is very curvy with so many sharp bends. Just below it is a deep gully and a careless drift by any driver could set a car off the skid. True the road is really shorter, more adventurous and offers a panoramic view of the Enugu metropolis, it records a lot of accidents. Drivers could be a lot more careful while driving though by moving slowly, indicating interest to overtake other vehicles, double-checking before turning into or out of sharp bends or just passing the alternative route.

Ikorodu Road: This long road leads to majority of the places on the mainland in Lagos. You can only imagine how many cars ply the route daily and the potential escalation in that number because of the season we’re about to get into.  Large trucks and fuel tankers also travel the route and the slow pace with which they move is just enough to stall traffic movements. Coupled with the fact that these trucks are sometimes not in good condition and could halt just in the middle of the road causing a long line of traffic jam. You see at least two of those on Ikorodu road each day. A good option for you if you don’t have an alternative route for this is to board BRT. At least they have their own secluded route and even if they get caught up in traffic, you are not the one driving.

Other deplorable roads include the Apapa-Oshodi road, Lagos-Ibadan, Lagos-Abeokuta, Ibadan-Akure, Sagamu-Ore, Abuja-Lokoja and Onitsha-Enugu-Port-Harcourt roads. There is hardly a day that an accident or accidents do not occur on these roads. As said earlier, take alternative routes or drive carefully if you must ply these roads. Even if anything must happen, let it not be because you were the cause. Ensure all you can that you don’t spend the yule season in regrets and pain.   

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