Cars and Movies #Update

Cars are loved when they are not only featured in movies but debuted aswell. How lovely would it look like if the new cars we’re looking forward to seeing were first debuted in the movies? Awesome right?

Talk about the best car-movies and the best car-chases that we have not stopped talking about, and somewhere, the cars are better and more important than the movie! The movies with the best driving experiences, either as a car movie, or as a part of the movie! These films are films where cars, car related stuff and driving make out an important part of the movie. Talk about driving with an Adrenaline fueled passion….




Rush is a 2013 biographical sports film centred on the rivalry between Formula 1 drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda during the 1976 Formula One motor-racing season. The two highly skilled racing car drivers who develop fierce rivalry in 1970 at a Formula Three race in Crystal Palace, Britain.

The rivalry leads them through different paths in life, each of them becoming champions in their world before their paths cross again in 1976 where they are both involved in the race for supremacy. Lauda retires from the asphalt, prioritizing his wife and Hunt goes on to finish third in the race and continues to race until his retirement in 1979.



The Ferrari 312 T2 and McLaren M23 are two great cars featured in the movie, infact we might be tempted to say that the movie was made for these cars.


Both cars featured an aluminum monocoque chassis with a mid-engine rear-drive configuration, the cars really took on their own identity. Let’s take a look at these two legends of racing.

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