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Yaay!!! It’s December; Christmas season!! ‘Tis the season to be glad, I’m bubbling with so much excitement that I can almost smell it (Christmas). I’m sure I’m not alone in this, people are already under that frenzy characterized with christmas season: the rush, the christmas lights, the carols playing loudly around, all these things that makes this season special. People are also trying to get that extra money so they can celebrate christmas in grand style. Also, we definitely have been seeing/hearing various safety tips and warning messages. Unfortunately, this joyful season is also filled with so much potential danger and problems. I guess the rush to make extra money is everywhere so the bad people become extra desperate and try to make the money through illegal and outright evil means. There are more accidents, robberies, pickpocketing, swindling, cheating, kidnapping and even ritual killing that inturn leads to a loud cry out for safety on the radio, television, newspapers, blogs etc as this is not a new thing. It is really sad that the season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour is characterized by so much evil, it is sad but what is important is how we can protect ourselves so we don’t fall victims to the perpetrators of evil and don’t end up spending the christmas season in sadness and sorrow. Death and accidents increase to a large extent during this season and seriously, I really don’t know why, maybe it’s because people are in a hurry to get to their destinations that they drive really fast and are not careful on the roads, Or a bloodthirsty spirit always emerge every “ember” season to suck the blood of unfortunate citizens or maybe the ritual killers have a charm they lace on the road for drivers that inturn result into multiple accidents! I don’t know, I can only guess. The important thing is that we have to do the best we can to protect ourselves and leave the rest for God so we don’t start hearing “stories that touch”. I’m not going to try to preach to anybody about safety, besides we have already heard safety tips and precautions already and the month hasn’t even completed it’s first week.

However, I’m going to be talking about general safety tips, yes safety.. I’m sorry but we can’t say enough about safety it’s very important, it literally determines the difference between a good christmas and a bad christmas, a sorrowful christmas and a joyful christmas, and beyond christmas it is important to be safe every single day of our lives. Road users (literally everyone, except you don’t go anywhere or you “fly” to your destination) should especially be careful. Drivers should ensure their cars are working well and are in optimum condition as this is to prevent car breakdown on the road and invulnerability to potentially dangerous situations especially at night. It’s better to avoid driving at night but if it’s unavoidable, drivers should ensure they are alert and are not drunk/tipsy or sleepy. They should be clear headed while driving both at night and during the day. Next, those that use public transportation should be very alert while walking down the road especially at night, they should hold their bags very tightly and walk as fast as they can (Ladies in particular). They should ensure they walk where people are and where the roads are well lit at night, they should also ensure they zip up their bags well especially when they are hustling to hop on a bus or in a crowded area, they should avoid using their phones on the road so it doesn’t get snatched, they should try as much as possible to avoid moving around late at night so they don’t get robbed, raped, killed, kidnapped or used for rituals.

Areas like oshodi, obalende, bariga and mushin are very rough and are notorious for robberies and pickpocketing. People working and living around those areas should be very careful and alert. People should desist from hopping into “kabu kabu” that has no registered sticker on it, this could be a ploy by some ritual killers to lure people away and use them for rituals. This is very common for people plying the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, going from Lagos to Sagamu, Abeokuta, Ijebu ode and others.  People should endeavour to enter appropriate public transport vehicles at bus parks even if they have to pay higher to save their lives than resorting to cheaper “kabu kabu” alternatives which can be a potential danger to their lives. Similarly, private car users should be careful on how they offer rides to total strangers and should equally desist from using their personal cars as “kabu kabu” so as not to get robbed or kidnapped in their own cars… asides from these highlighted areas, people all around should also be careful and vigilant. People should be very alert in markets, bus stops and other crowded areas to avoid “stories that touch”.

We really shouldn’t blame anybody if bad stuff happens. (God forbid) “Hustle” the right way, make money the right way, don’t harm others, adhere to safety tips, Have fun this season. Bye….

Don’t Let Your Joy Turn to Sorrow, Be Careful!!!

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