As much as so many people think it is paramount and mandatory to own a car, some still share contrary thoughts as regards the idea; the scene of accidents and the frustrations of car wreckage is one nightmare they fear. While some prefer to take public transports, some prefer to order Uber or Taxify to the comfort of their personality.

The sentiments as posited above is based on the ideas of quite a number of vehicle owners and public transport commuters. Not that they (Public transport commuters) do not wish to own a car, or that they do not wish to have their presence commanded by the presence of an outstanding automobile even at the impressive upgrade of the 21st century technology but the tales and pictures of accidents, the traffic congestion and the anger of staying out late, stuck in traffic is unfathomable.

As safety is the word on everybody’s lips, the simple fact still remains that very few car owners take the safety word seriously. In this post, we will be highlighting the core safety tips of driving.



Seatbelt save lives. Quite a number of Nigerian drivers today are beginning to follow orders and take the seatbelt issue seriously, thanks to the mandate of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) and the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) even though some still camouflage the seatbelt on themselves and the passengers who sits beside them. We do hope they are caught soon.



Safety starts with the minutest things and that is the trafficating habit. Accidents have been recorded and lives have been lost as a result of not taking the trafficator light with levity.   Every car owner should make it a habit by driving with their hands clicking (upward or downward) the trafficator lever.



Driving at top speed is fun, you get to feel the asphalt as you press down the throttle while driving. But do you know that you are at a greater risk while driving at top speed? Asides endangering one’s life, there’s a greater possibility of extending casualties to vehicle owners as well as commuters. Research has it that the best speed limit to maintain while driving on the expressway is 120 km/h.


Safety is not only paramount but of absolute necessity. We need to not only stay alive but stay safe against every ounce of vehicle misfortunes that we might seem to cause by our hands and by the wrecklessness of other vehicle owners. We do hope this post goes a long way in doing that.

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