Race Car News #Update



As a result of the Harsh-cold weather in Europe, Formula One pre-season testing has been placed on hold as the cold weather has continued to wreak havoc on Formula One teams.

On Wednesday, snowfall delayed the third day of testing and kept most cars in the garage in Barcelona, Spain. Parts of the track were covered in snow when teams arrived at the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona, and when conditions improved only five drivers ventured out.

For the first two days which preceded the third day, It was cold but cars were able to stay much longer on the track. They couldn’t run for most of the morning on Wednesday as organizers couldn’t open the track until visibility improved and the medical helicopter was cleared to fly.

Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso was the only driver to post a time after running 11 laps on full-wet tires with his Renault-powered McLaren.

“The poor weather conditions made things difficult all day long” Alonso said.

“In the few laps we did at the end of the day we managed to collect some good data for future development, so even with the little running we could complete, the information we got is very positive. I’m happy that despite a difficult day of testing for everyone, we made the best of it.”

There were talks about adding extra days of testing in Barcelona, but the decision would need to be unanimously approved among the teams.

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