Before getting to it, I’m taking this moment to appreciate every woman out there who has become or who is still in the process of becoming. To those that have gone through moments too gory to be relieved, women whose processes are seemingly taking longer and harder than that of others and it looks like the world is moving on without you and to those who just have everything going on in their head and they can’t share it with anyone because no one can understand them, you are deeply appreciated.

Your true worth and value is not defined by your present situation. Simple truth is it lies in your ability to forge ahead regardless with the determination to get to the goal you set out with in the beginning. People around you do not define you also. Live out your own process without running with the time frame of others. No two people have the same process so while you can learn from them, most of your time should be spent figuring out exactly what your own process entails instead of trying to model it into someone else’s template. That, my queen is like running backward.


Endeavor also to celebrate other women who have mastered their art and have been able to maneuver the spotlights to themselves. In the end, there is no competition as we all should focus on running the individual races set before us. Tearing down another Queen’s efforts doesn’t actually make you a better person and neither does it take the spotlight from them especially if they are really graced at what they do. It only demeans your personal queenly stance. Instead, you can bring together your individual uniqueness  to form a well rounded, formidable front with which you can use in making the world at large a better place to thrive in.

Lastly, if you are a woman who is caught up with so many responsibilities and it seems like everything is going to cave in on you pretty soon, hang in there. While you might not be able to give the exact same amount of balance to everything you are involved in, approach them with the mindset of making the best out of each one you are faced with per time. That way, the pressure is released off you and you are able to get results from all spheres that are not ordinary.


To all the Strong women out there….

May we know them,

May we be them,

May we raise them.



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