It is easily agreeable that a lot of relatable and probably negative stories are associated with trying to sell a car privately in Nigeria.

Putting up a “for sale” sign is no guarantee of sale neither is getting your mechanic to get you a buyer, in most cases, this ends badly.

The myth however is that you would make more profit selling your car yourself than you would at a dealership. And that might be true in some instances, but the profit margin between both circumstances would never make up for the time, trouble and money spent on making the car presentable for the individual buyer.


Other reasons include:

  • Extra legwork and detailing: Sometimes, the reason one decides to sell a car is to get rid of the need to constantly spend money to fix one issue or the other. To attract an individual buyer however, you definitely have to present a clean vehicle void of the usual problems. You will have to spend extra money fixing all issues, topping up fluids and getting every tiny detail in its right place especially if making good profit and not just pawning off the car is your aim. So where is the assurance that you will recoup your investment?



  • Showing off the car: Another challenge is that of showing the car to the barrage of buyers and answering series of questions on every possible platform to ensure that you are getting the best buyer and price for your car. First you have to take tons of pictures, then look for advertising platforms some of which demands money for the ad or the content to accompany it . Next comes the calls you have to take, mails to reply, arranged visits with buyers at different times at the inconvenience of your work schedule amongst others. The last part is one that could pose a number of danger to your personal life because you have to divulge some private information to buyers some of whom may be shady individuals.




  • Fraudsters and Scammers: In the Nigerian environment, falling into the hands of ‘419’ when transacting deals like this is one that we do not need to over flog. Many have been swindled and the truth is that many more will be. Apart from that, there are also time wasters who are just fishing for prices and really have no intention of purchasing the car.




  • Inspection: Because you are selling the car yourself, there is no assurance that you will get the worthy price because there is no standard and transparent inspection process that tells you the exact detail of what is wrong or right with your car. Should you then decide to get a CarFax or Inspection report done, you are definitely paying for it.



Those were the bad news. The good news is you do not have to go through all these to sell your car. offers you quick and easy means of selling your car.


We do not connect you with buyers like other online platforms. Instead, we personally buy your Nigerian-used car after we have provided a transparent inspection report for the car from a free and thorough car evaluation in any of our numerous Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt centers. From inspection to purchase, 45 minutes is all you need to get the deal underway as long as you have all relevant documents thereby having your time and energy saved.


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