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Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has unveiled plans for more than 10,000 Tesla car ‘superchargers’ across the world by the end of next year – this include 71 stations in the UK.

The chargers are capable of re-energizing electric vehicles in just 30 minutes, allowing drivers to complete long-distance journeys in one go.

Tesla’s plan for a UK-wide network of superchargers marks a major step towards the replacement of fossil fuels on British roads.

Leicester, Ipswich, Oxford, Belfast and Aberystwyth among others are the top cities in the UK set to receive a supercharging station in the near future.

Musk, the firm’s founder and CEO, said “thousands” of supercharger locations were in the permission or construction phase around the globe. Sharing the link of the global Tesla map on Twitter, it shows clearly that that Europe, North America and China are set to be the main beneficiaries of the expansion.

The current superchargers allow Tesla owners to recharge their cars to 80 per cent within half an hour.

Musk has revealed that they all hands are on deck as regards the development of more powerful chargers. These include Megachargers; capable of re-energizing the Tesla Semi, a truck prototype recently unveiled.

At a conference in California in November, the billionaire entrepreneur said the truck can go at 65mph when fully loaded, and claimed it could do zero to 60mph in five seconds.

He also claimed it could travel for 500 miles on one charge.



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