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CEO Elon Musk opens up about the latest developments from the company, the trending development as shared by the CEO is basically on twitter, sometimes as a teaser and sometimes to gather feedback. Yesterday, his twitter account was flooded with comments and feedback from followers and friends on his announcement about a new offering that has already begun at Tesla. Though, it sounds a bit too weird to be true, but as with all things with Elon as his followers claim, it’s hard to know if he’s serious.

Elon shared that Tesla is working on a NEW MINI-CAR that can “squeeze in an adult.” The future of personal electric vehicles is definitely up in the air, but it’s also not something we’ve seen Tesla interested in till date as it continues to pursue the electrification of the world’s worst polluting transportation solutions, starting with higher-end passenger vehicles and leaning into heavy-duty Class 8 semi trucks.


Imagining what a single-passenger Tesla vehicle might look like, the first thing that comes to mind is low cost. With the Tesla Model 3 expected to be released at a $35,000 price point in coming months, that’s a whooping 12.6 million Naira in Nigerian currency, and demand far exceeding the capacity to actually produce the thing, it’s mind-numbing to imagine what a single-passenger vehicle could do. Cutting out 75% of the passenger space and 75% of the price could mean yet another Tesla revolution.


As affirmed and announced by Elon Musk, the whole world is expectant, hoping to see what the future holds for this product concept. In the meantime, let us know if you think a single-passenger Tesla is actually in the cards from the man who seemingly has no problem attempting to tackle as many world problems as he can in a lifetime.

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