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The week long New York Auto Show will be coming to an end today after a series of numerous exciting and widely anticipated events. Probably, the most talked about of the events from the show is the crowning of the best cars for the year especially the World Car of The Year which was judged to be the Volvo XC60.

The excitement for the event is however not limited to that. Quite a number of automakers have exhibited new entrants into the automarket at the show, entrants that ranged from concept to electric to normal everyday cars.

Audi debuted its Sportback version of the RS5. This incorporates the 444 horsepower performance feature of the RS5 alongsides a stunning style.

Mercedes Benz also introduced a refreshed version of its C63 which is one in the line of the 2019 C-Class that was unveiled in Geneva. The exterior, interior and added technologies are the extra strengths of this.

The Honda Insight also came back after it halted production in 2012. Although still as unattractive as its predecessors, this new entrant is an hybrid; a range extender one at that. The petrol engine in this is mostly used to generate electricity.

The 2019 Toyota Corolla debuted, boasting of a beautiful design and style. Most people claim that the style looks just like a new Auris which is the hatchback version of the Corolla.

The Kia K900 luxury saloon is also something to look forward to in that enough effort was put into making it every inch different from its predecessors.

To cap it all, Hyundai debuted a Genesis brand’s Essentia which is an all-electric, high performance, grand tourer.



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