…the wild SUV

If wishes were horses.

This one car is one I have always wished for since the very moment the first of its pictures were released. I have seen myself drive this car to every fun place I like to be and even imagined the envious stares I get from other road users when I wheeze past or pull into a space with a crowd around.

Well, you don’t expect that I would love a car that much and not be able to say off the top of my head all of the features incorporated in it, even some that are not easily spotted by the eye especially if you don’t love it as much as I do. Allow me to coo over this one a bit and maybe, just maybe you’ll come to see why I’m all over it.


…2018 Velar



Taking its slot in between the Evoque and Sport in the Range Rover lineup, the Velar is a modern, elegant vehicle with a touch of glamour which puts style at the top of its other features. Being a limited edition, first edition of the Velar efforts were put into shrinking the LED headlamps a little less than the Evoque’s and what this does is to add an element of elegance to the already premium styling. The flush door handles, oh my God! Those are a Range Rover first. Apart from the fact that they almost disappear into the car body and only project after they are activated, they have an aerodynamic advantage. The taillights are also the tiniest the Range Rover lineup has seen which further drives home the minimalist idea the car exudes. This is completed by large 22 inch wheel that mesh into the car design adequately.



Inside, it is seriously luxe. There are a twin sliding armrest that are power controlled, configurable mood lighting, and an extremely spacious environment for all occupants as well as cargo. The touch pro dual screen displays information within 10 inches of themselves allowing you to tailor the information displayed according to your own preference. With it, you can choose your driving desire be it snow, sand, mud, water etc. You can connect with your phone through an app from your smartphone or even use a waterproof wristband as an active key for outdoor activities thanks to its high tech infotainment system.




Optional Matrix LED headlamps deliver incredible visibility and its intelligent high beam assist maximize the number of high beam section across oncoming vehicles for optimum visibility while casting a shadow in front of oncoming vehicles for optimum safety. With other driver assistance features like the road sign reading capability, blindspot monitor which reflects information on the side mirror, driver condition monitor which gives alerts when a driver is drowsy and need to take a break, adaptive cruise control system which monitors traffic ahead and automatically increases or reduces speed as fit and autonomous emergency braking which brings the vehicle to a halt when it’s about to collide with an object ahead, you can call the Velar a safe haven.



The 2018 Velar has a supercharged V6 engine which generates adequate power for the car. It drives pretty quietly which further adds to the car’s refinement level. The engine could come with a gas powered 2 litre turbo 4 or diesel turbo 2 litre as well with both variants having an 8 speed automatic transmission. Its off roading capabilities are amazing and could even go mid level into water and emerge still strong on the other side.


I have shared my love with you in form of juicy details about my car crush. Let’s hear yours.




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