Cars45 #TechTuesday


It’s another Tuesday and you know what that means!

With Tech Tuesday, you get informed on every information concerning the tech features of the Automobile phenomenon from all over the world. From engine upgrades to all other technological revamps from Automobile models all over the world. The quest to become the best is on, the race has begun and the results have started coming in.

While we await threatening results from various Auto makers, let us take time to enjoy the various upgrades that have been introduced.




Though, the push-button start engines have been popular for a while, the next logical step seem to be push-button shifters. So far, it has been found in the 2015 Acura TLX and 2016 Honda Pilot. Believe me, there’s nothing as super cool as having to just shift buttons when driving, research has proved that the push-button as a technological groundbreak in the history of Automobile revamps.



Everyone wants a car that can talk, especially in this lagos traffic, one might sometimes need a talk partner to help fight the frustration that comes with it.

Imagine the iPhone Siri or the Microsoft Cortana but instead of a mobile phone, it’s your car; that’s basically Uconnect. You can ask UConnect questions or issue commands that it’ll answer (thanks to built in 4G LTE). Command it to play songs off your playlist, the address to the most recent and ever lively restaurant or to adjust the cabin temperature and it’ll obey you like a Genie, except with more wishes. Just don’t ask for the meaning of life.For every car lovers out there, you haven’t seen it all yet, subscribe to our blog to get the latest news.

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