Cars and Movie #Update


Take a pause, breathe-in and think of your favorite car. Got it? Alright, now think to yourself why is it my favorite car? Why did I choose this? We’re sure majority of our readers found their favorite cars on a movie or TV screen. #bestbet

Talking about the revamp of cars and the progressive outcome of technology, how would you like a robotic takeover? As recorded in a slightly old movie, let’s bring back the memories of time and the possibility of a machine usurp.  



I, Robot is a 2004 American science fiction action film that projects into the future,2035 precisely. It features a Chicago Police detective who expresses distrust and hate for mankind’s latest technological research: Humanoid Robot following his rescue from a car crash by a robot using cold logic (his survival was statistically more likely), leaving a 12-year-old girl to drown. With the death of the robot intelligence director to which he suspects the robots, he investigates the murder case, which leads him into the dark side of the robots. He is however on the quest to make it better by bring sanity back to the world.


In the I,Robot movie,cars were not only used, they were specifically and perfectly made for the movie. One of such is the Audi RSQ, a car that had the features of the latest technology embedded in it: self driving, EV Transmission and a steeled tyre. Other cars had the same spectacular design, being the movie that depicts the future.

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