Tech cars have taken the world by surprise, the vastness of the world is now made up of revamps and upgrade. At each turn there is a technological awesomeness that never cease to amaze humankind and as the world plunges deeper into this age of technological awakening, we might get usurped by machines. #just teasing…

Today, we will not only be featuring outstanding car tech features based on reader’s comments, we will also be talking about the development of tech cars and how well we might be needing them.




The GMC Brand

The GMC  is one of America’s best brand, being a brand that that primarily focuses on trucks and utility vehicles. No wonder the vehicle’s strength is second to none. Behold their awesome tech features.

  • Teen Driver Technology- Available on many new GMC vehicles, Teen Driver technology can be a useful tool for helping impart safe habits upon young drivers in your family.

  • MYGMCAPP: Staying connected- From remote control to scheduling service appointments and beyond, the new MyGMC Mobile App is a convenient way to stay connect and informed.

  • Wireless Charger- Lost a phone charger or Can’t find a charging cable? The new wireless charging feature, available in several GMC trucks and SUVs, solves problems as such.


  • GMC Android and Apple Carplay- Available on most GMC cars, Apple CarPlay offers a wide variety of smartphone connectivity; from Android apps to Iphone apps.


  • GMC Oil life Monitor- Knowing when to change your oil is incredibly important. That’s where GMC’s oil life monitor comes in handy.

The Mercedes Benz Brand

Trust me, any article about cars that does not feature the Mercedes Benz brand is not genuinely informative. Maintaining its integrity over the years, the Mercedes Benz is simply unwilling to be beaten when it comes next level luxury and technology features. Are you of a contrary thought? Check these features out.


  • Semi Autonomous Driving- Mercedes-Benz is one of the outstanding companies that have been on the loose for an outstanding technology good enough to get recognition. The Mercedes E-Class is already equipped with a semi-autonomous system called ‘Drive Pilot’ that allows the vehicle to drive itself on the highway.


  • Night Vision- The Night vision is an incredibly cool feature with the sole purpose of improving safety for occupants. The night vision have in-built imaging that helps to detect instruments, animals as well as obstacles on the road and alert the driver in advance of the need to slow down and maneuver safely.


  • Energizing Comfort Control- This Tech feature is a collection that makes the Mercedes Benz stand out among all other vehicles. Featuring a total number of six programs ( Freshness, Warmth, Vitality, Joy, Comfort, Training ) that network with the vehicle’s climate controls, heated seats, music, scents, and ambient lighting to reach the desired end goal based on your mood. Any end-user would jump at this vehicle out of curiosity.


We would have loved to go on and on about this write-up but we have to stop here today. Till we come your way next Tuesday for the last episode of our Tech Tuesday Update.

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