#Cars45 Car Crush Wednesday


Have you ever been so proud of your car that when you drive it to the Auto shop for repairs, you don’t ever want to leave it for one minute? That is what we call the “Undying love for the wheel.”  Yes cars are regarded as man’s best friend or habit, if you read our DIY Tips, you’d know stick with our saying that your car is your attitude that drives your personality.

For every Auto model, there is a lover and a helpless addict whose desire for the aforementioned is fueled by its sight daily. I could remember when the Toyota Camry (Muscle) was released, when the Toyota Camry (Muscle) was released, I made sure I sat behind the wheel to experience all driving features. Though I was not buoyant enough to buy one, I crushed on everything about the Thick-bodied Toyota.

Going down the Toyota Line, the Land cruiser Prado is another Juggernaut in the Automobile world, a balanced SUV with a pose of honor and simplicity. No wonder Nigerian roads have not stopped procuring the “Big beetle crusher”  


Born into the iconic Land cruiser line of the Japanese automaker- Toyota, the Toyota Land cruiser Prado or Toyota Prado as some markets call it does not disappoint in delivering the high efficiency and performance its lineage is known for. Though considered a tad lower than the Land cruiser, it shares similar trims with the latter as well as the Lexus GX and the 4 runner. This beauty whose name means ‘meadow’ or ‘field’ highly laces the streets of practically all states in Nigeria.


  • Standard V6 petrol or 2.8 litre turbo diesel engines
  • Excellent brakes and road holdings
  • High on performance with great resale value
  • Availability of second fuel tank in some models (talk about an added advantage for fuel scarcity periods)
  • Beautiful and muscular exterior, highly luxurious interior.
  • Good for off and on road trips


  • Diesel variant consumes a lot of fuel
  • 2017 model gets high complaints for picking slowly during overtaking

The Toyota Prado though consisting some features of the Land cruiser, still does not totally measure up to it or some cars in the segment like the Grand Jeep Cherokee.

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…First generation Prado LJ78

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