German and world renowned Automaker BMW has showcased the new flagship SUV for the electric i brand. Called the Vision iNext, the vehicle’s aim is to make customers appreciate what’s on the inside – which is important when moving into mobility and out of driving. BMW claims that the model represents the union of vehicular autonomy, connectivity, electrification, and services. It also represents the end of the car as we currently know it.

BMW’s attempt at building a crystal ball that allows it to peer into the future. While we’re not going to argue the validity of clairvoyance or scrying, we will suggest that the utility vehicle is probably a more useful forecasting tool than a glass orb and a gut feeling. Many thanks to the German strength that wax strong every year.


The Crystal ball is designed to have a large panoramic roof that invites passengers to relax and take in the scenery while they enjoy a glut of natural light. Meanwhile, an Intelligent Personal Assistant ensures they’ll be able to continue taking it easy throughout the journey. The iNext can be seamlessly interlinked with the BMW Connected, smart devices and smart home network, making it possible for drivers to do things like adjust the thermostat or close the garage through in-car voice commands. Although, you could also use the center display in a pinch.

The face of the interior has been carved to be as lavish as possible to closely mimic a living space. It’s rear seat is a single wide bench covered in BMW’s “Enlighted Cloudburst cloth upholstery with its intricate Jacquard weave” and serves as the drivable apartment’s couch. Intended for two, it’s could easily facilitate more. However, that third occupant would be parked on the mid-seat gesture controls that allow riders to draw various symbols in the fabric that adjust audio levels or ambient lighting (or just doodle with help from the light projector). The rest of the iNext’s interior takes a more neutral approach. It’s minimal, modern, and beige with some natural wood thrown in for good measure.

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