So this is how yesterday went for me. I’ll call it my #MyAwfulDanfoDay

I had an urgent task to perform away from home very early yesterday morning and because of that, I had slept somewhere very close to the area. Just so I could avoid Lagos traffic, queues and the  generic weekday early morning madness. If only I knew what was waiting for me in the afternoon. I tried finishing my task early because I had to return to work. I had limited cash on me at the moment and from my calculations, what I had was just enough to get me breakfast and transport me to work; no more, no less.

Damning the afternoon sun, I got on the first bus with the exact change already shoving my fare into the driver’s face before he asked me. I mean, why not? I had my exact change. When we got close to my bus stop, he turned and was going to take another route just because he did not want LASTMA officials to collect any money from him. He screamed at us to drop or where he’ll burst out from would be way past our destination. Of course we did alight and walk the rest of the way under the angry sun even after paying the complete fare.


Getting on the second bus, I slept almost all the way only waking to give the conductor his money. I could swear I heard him saying the fare was #150 when I was going to board so I gave him #200 expecting my change sometime during the journey. At the final bus stop when he didn’t give me my change, I asked for it and the next theatrics he played while saying the fare was #200 just got me running away fast. I mean, before one rogue looking conductor that was wearing ankara on sneakers would land me slap at Ikeja under bridge.


The third bus was usually 100 bucks from my experience and that was all I had left on me. I boarded the bus not knowing that the conductor had been saying the fare was #150. Trying to collect his fare, I presented my money and that was where the back and forth started. Not only was I scared of what he could do to me, I was very embarrassed hoping to God that no one who knew me was in that bus. I shouted that I wasn’t getting to the last bus stop and #100 is what I was going to pay and if he won’t collect it, he should let me get down. See me forming like I had another option. Other passengers then kept mute, silently watching to see where the drama was headed. My saving grace was that someone desperately needed the change I was giving the conductor. She collected the money from me, put it in her bag and told the conductor to please leave me alone. That was when other people started shouting at him on my behalf to let it slide. I got down wondering what would have happened if everyone had unrepentantly kept quiet.

The worst experience yesterday was when I left the office for the house. Since I had exhausted all the money on me, I had to withdraw at the ATM and of course, I got a thousand Naira note. The first bus fare was #50. I’m sure you can already understand my predicament. I was leaving Agidingbi to Ogba and I had walked a good part of the journey because I didn’t even dare get into a bus with that kind of money on me. At the point where I couldn’t walk anymore, I decided to try my luck with getting a bus. Every conductor/driver looked ridiculously at me and drove off angrily when I told them the amount I had. One even told me to pay double the price like I was paying him for looking for change for me. Finally, I stopped one bus and just when the bus was going to drive off one me again, he stopped and told me to come in. Apparently, a fellow passenger offered to give me the money for my fare. She said she had experienced the previous day just the same thing I was experiencing and she could tell it was not a funny one. I didn’t stop offering my thanks till I got off the bus. Imagine if I had not gotten that. I most likely would have walked to my destination.

At home, I reflected on the whole day and it just seemed like I had signed some bad Danfo warrant before leaving the house in the morning. I’m sure you have your awful Danfo days too. Share below let’s laugh it out together.



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