Danfo (noun): name given to commercial bus popularly used in Lagos.


I doubt there are people in Lagos that do not know what a ‘Danfo’ is, including those visiting Lagos for the first time. Once in Lagos, you are quick to encounter them and the nuisance they sometimes create on Lagos roads.

Nevertheless, they are still the most used vehicle for transporting people for point A to B in Lagos. Sometimes though, I wonder if there were a criteria for choosing a Danfo driver and its conductor, because I have never met a sane Danfo driver or conductor and even the passengers sometimes are just as wild as those driving them.

Let’s look at four types of people you’ll most likely meet in a Danfo

  1. The Careless Sleeper: This is one seriously upsets me. It is quite understandable that most people barely get enough sleep by morning since they have to be up early to join the Lagos hustle. But Bros, we are all in this hustle together so why would you think its ok to put your head on my shoulder in a bus while sleeping?
  2. The Chatter Box: I know they say a problem shared is a problem solved, but this rule does not apply when you are in a disagreement with the bus conductor and you are looking for a comrade. What am I supposed to do, carry cane on your behalf? My sister, you are on your own!
  3. The Liar: This befuddles me every time. You are in a bus on Oshodi Bridge and the person seated next to you goes “I am just getting into Oshogbo right now, I’ll be back into Lagos next week.” Haba! Brother!  Where is the shame?!
  4. The Fat Albert: One thing you’ll realize very quickly once you enter a Danfo is that everyone is right. And this includes the fat madam with buttocks that can occupy the space meant for two people. Unfortunately, you find yourself seated beside her and since you can’t tell her to leave some of her buttocks at the bus stop, you have to sit with half of yours. #annoyingdanfoexperience

The Danfo experience can be exhausting, but we have to admit, you’ll definitely have a story to tell after riding in one of these bumble bee coloured vehicles.

How have your Danfo experience been, do share!


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