Cars and movies #update!

Today, our peek will be somewhat interesting and mind-blowing. We will be talking about the movie that has crept into the heart of every television viewer in the world, the movie that taught everyone the importance of family as well as its integrity. The movie that gave every car user the new perception of driving and the strength of CARS.

Fast and Furious:  The Fast and Furious franchise have been entertaining people for over a decade now and has so far made more than 4. Billion dollars worldwide. Set primarily in Los Angeles, fast and Furious is based on an article, titled “Racer X”, about New York street clubs that race Japanese cars late at night. With up to 8 series, the movie stars Dominic Toretto who leads a group of car drifters, computer hackers and undercover agents, their sole aim is to stay together as a family and battle whatever stands in between them.

After series of car racing and theft, they decide to lay low and live life as honourable men but their dreams are soon cut short by a group of angry men whom the crew had stolen from in the past. Hence, they live their life running from one country to another and faced with newer situations that tend to tear their family apart.

The cars used in this sequel are as oppressive as one can imagine; from trucks to SUVs to Sport cars to whatever you can term any moving spectacle, they are a sight to behold. The reflexes, the stunts and the turbo-charged engine bringing life to extinct vehicles…who wouldn’t want a car like that?


Dominic toretto’s sight, a threat to all contenders


Every minute is action packed with cars being destroyed..


1970 Dodge Charger..awesome drift reflex


Fast and furious fleet, the packs choicest… 

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