World Car News #Update


Some weeks ago, current Ford CEO Tom Hackett slightly connoted that the Fusion which is Ford’s major mid-sized sedan might be going Extinct come 2020 to give Ford Motor Corporation more time to focus on the crossover and SUV class where it seems to have an edge.

Recently, Ford spokesman Mike Levine mentioned that the Fusion is still a great vehicle in Ford’s line-up and still has a lot of new features in the offering for upcoming models. Not only that, it was the company’s best selling car in the U.S for 2017. Although, Toyota and Honda are giving Ford a run for their money in the mid-sized sedan class which was the reason for wanting to quit Fusion production, Levine posits that the Ford is not going away. The company is just shifting its priorities at the moment. So, the company only cancelled its 2020 future redesign and will continue to produce the Fusion in its current 2013 design till further notice.


…2013 Ford Fusion design

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