RANGE ROVER: The High Maintenance Girlfriend

When you think of the Range Rover Sport what comes to mind? Big boys? Those that have arrived? Awon olowo? All correct. The Range Rover Sport depicts an image of wealth and affluence not only because the vehicle is expensive to buy but also because it is expensive to maintain.

The Range Rover Sport aka RRS is an SUV with a difference. It is spacious, beautifully crafted. From the 2014 model till date, the RRS has been given a subtler, more elegant exterior design making it even more appealing. The RRS comes with a lot of attractive features and specs, such as; its 14 way adjustable leather front seats, two extra seats at the rear end making it a good choice as a family car.

The RRS comes with many upsides in its design and performance. Not only that, even with the prestige associated with driving a RRS. There are several perks associated with the RRS in Nigeria, as a guy you become the perfect ladies man, people stare at you on the road with so much envy and longing, you don’t even see them with your tinted windows and even if you do, you don’t care. But is that the purpose of having a car? I would like to ask, because having a vehicle is supposed to serve a very important purpose of getting you to your destination with as little hassles as possible.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Range Rover Sport, a lot of the expectations that people who bought the car had, were crushed after a short period of driving the car. It is truly high maintenance as even those that do not have recurring problems often confess to have continuously checked and maintained their RRS to avoid a lot of the problems associated with it. Some of the common problems include; pneumatic suspensions, sensor problems, electrical problems, loss of power, warning sign of impending engine problems, and a host of others. There is also the issue of the ability of the vehicle on off road conditions.

The RRS is a four wheeled drive and is supposed to be powerful on off road conditions but a lot of users have complained about having difficulties using their RRS on off road conditions, such as mud, bad potholes, flooded areas in this our Nigerian bad road situation. The bottomline is that the RRS that was supposed to be a powerful, beautiful machine has turned to a nightmare for many. So if you’re not a very detailed and high maintenance person do not venture into buying the RRS, it’ll only bring headaches for you that are not even worth the prestige. But, if you think you can handle it then by all means go ahead. You’ve been warned. Many frustrated RRS owners have described it with phrases such as, “it is a part-time job”, “it is a high maintenance and expensive car”, “having an RRS is like dating a young supermodel, beautiful to look at, expensive to handle”, “beyond the beautifully painted aluminum is a wolf, and it’s very hungry”, “with the RRS your besties become the mechanic and spare parts dealers”.

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2017 Range Rover sport


2016 Range Rover sports

Interior of the 2017 Range Rover Sports.




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