Want a fine blend of sophistication and comfort? The Lexus RX SUV is the perfect car for you.  Commonly referred to as the bestseller or cash cow of the Lexus models which is the luxury division of Toyota, this classy Japanese SUV has unique features that qualifies it as money well spent. The Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt big boys and girls wasted no time in buying it the moment it debuted in Nigeria.

A lot of people buy the Lexus RX mainly because of its high infotainment system which offers you all the fun in the world while you’re driving, its classy looks that accords you respect and its good safety system.


But, there is more to a perfect car than just good looks because really, who wants a beautiful SUV that cannot sit more people than a compact Sedan can? What’s more, the Lexus RX is one you might call ‘all beauty and no strength’ because its off road capability is near nothing coupled with its hard shocks, stiff suspension, rattle prone parts and fiddly remote control system. The moment your family increases by one person or your schedule comes to include frequent off road trips, selling the Lexus RX might just be something to consider.  


If you have been totally bought over by the Lexus RX and you don’t want to sell but want a  car with more space, there is good news. The 2017 model has a 3rd row seat incorporated making it the first RX that will sit 8 passengers. You can just trade in your Nigerian-used RX for the 2017 model at Cars45.

A free Evaluation with our valuation tool and an inspection at any of our vast inspection centers in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt is a sign of how easy you can swap your car for another. And if you just don’t want the RX anymore, you can sell it to us fast and conveniently.

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