Road Network News #Update



The Bida-Suleja road can be regarded as one of the worst of many roads with potholes posing as death traps in the state. The road is so bad that the vehicles used by commuters to ply the road invariably retire to mechanic workshops at the end of every trip they make on the route.

The road, which links Jebba, Mokwa, Ilorin, Lagos amongst others to the Federal Capital Territory is a road that one can hardly go a mile without having to encounter numerous and dangerous potholes which have contributed immensely to the high rate of accidents, thus, leading many commuters to their early death.

The bad state of the road seems to degenerate daily as truck drivers and commuters drown in the murky pool, especially now that the rainy season is here, and Vehicle users are in a haste to get to their destination despite the bad state of the road which often results in fatal accidents, leaving many either dead or severely injured.

Armed robbers and bandits are not left out as they are a constant threat to commuters early morning and late at night; they are known to usually carry out their mischievous practices on commuters and vehicle owners when they come to a halt at a very bad spot on the road.

The community which is predominantly occupied by farmers has resulted in poor productivity of Farm produce. Now that the rainy season is here, the farmers need good roads to enable them transport their farm produce to the market and to their neighbouring states and as such, farmers have resulted in sand-filling the potholes themselves which is only a temporary means as agricultural produce, goods and services are in short supply, leading to increase in prices.

The community as well as road users have expressed sheer displeasure, thereby appealing to the federal government to come to their aid as the state’s developmental attribute has continued to deteriorate drastically.

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