The season of Love is here again.

It’s that season of the year again; Valentine! An avalanche of gifts, love display and dates. In my opinion, I think the dates are the best parts of the season because the world’s ambience at the time just seems to cooperate to send tingling chills through your spine and butterflies in your belly. Whether it’s being done with a significant other, a platonic friend of the opposite sex or your favorite pals, it is very important that you get every aspect of it right if you want to make it count.

What better way is there to starting the date than with an amazing ride? Honestly, your car choice is as important as your companion for the night. Imagine pulling up at your date destination and having all eyes follow your car, valets running after you just to ensure they park your ride for you, and even the pride you feel as a man when opening the door of an exquisite car for your date to step out. Amazing right?

Well, these can only happen if you decide to go on your valentine date in any of these rides:

Range Rover Evoque: There is absolutely no doubt that the luxurious good looks of this sexy crossover will impress your date. With its panoramic moonroof, you can even drive into the cool and quietness of the night just to gaze at the stars together, alone.


Kia Soul: The Soul’s interior just gives off an ambience that gets your soul in the right mood (pun intended). Its ‘mood’ speakers adds more than a little illumination to your music and its system changes the color in the sound rhythms. Who says you can’t start enjoying a club’s bass boost effect even from your car?


Audi A8: This is one of the roomiest cars you can buy. In it  you can shuttle around effortlessly and flawlessly, and even convert the passenger seat footrest into a rear facing affair. Additionally, its an Audi: the signature car from ‘Fifty shades of grey’…


Ford F150: You do know your Valentine date does not have to be at a club or restaurant or your home right? How about a private dinner by the beach with a picnic setting to go with? This would of course be needing extra load like your food, mats and drinks which the Ford pickup will be a perfect fit for. Trust me, there is no compromising on the comfort and technology on the inside.


Mercedes Benz CLS: There may be many beautiful cars out there but I tell you that the CLS is the icon of the lineup. This sleekly and stylishly beautiful sedan is very popular among divas and if you want to show her that her poise and class means something to you, you should go for the CLS.


This lineup spans across all major car segments giving you a wider broadband to pick from as a lover of either one of them or as the date situation deems necessary.

Drive your date crazy this Valentine season and watch him/her coo over you all year long.

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