As with our body system, the different compartments that make up our modes of transport can be affected by the weather. With that in mind it is important to notice the tiny little changes or those that cannot be overlooked. When the climate changes, everything we care about undergoes some specific change that can be beneficial or detrimental to performance. It is generally believed that your cars performance level might deteriorate with warm/hot weather and with weather such as ours that might be a cause for alarm. Don’t fret though, it can all be handled with an accurate maintenance routine.

A common car trouble one can easily detect on our busy roads is the emission of smoke from an overworked engine or simply overheating as it is described. Overheating can occur when too much load is placed on the engine while it tries to level things up with the thin air in the hot weather. During the hot days, make sure to top all the necessary oils your vehicle might need so as to optimize car use. While making it a habit to check the coolant and engine oil, make sure to check transmission and power steering fluids as well. It is also important to check the parts necessary for linking the oils to its working stations in the engine. Be cautious not to overwork the engine and always keep an eye on the other parts that maintain its temperature.



Supplying fuel to your car should be timely and regulated as the consumption of fuel is dependent on the engines use for it. The engine maintains a flow that involves a symbiotic relationship between air intake and fuel use. In order to maintain a healthy balance and to economize fuel, it is advisable to park your car in well shaded areas to avoid evaporation. Battery life is also a source for concern during the hot season, as the heat can cause the water to evaporate and drain said battery. Parking away from the sun is also important to save battery life. It is recommended to clean and test the battery regularly and if possible replace it when it might have been used for more than the stipulated time (which spans from about 3-5 years upon first use).

Asides from the insides of the car, a significant amount of attention should be placed on the tyres which are responsible for smooth movement. In very hot conditions, the heat will cause the tyres to lose its grip which can be very dangerous to the driver. Tyres should be correctly gauged according to its specified pressure needs and should be checked regularly to avoid burst or tear on the highway.


Everyone wants a cool ride and enjoys using the air conditioning system in hot times. As this is almost a necessity the car should be in proper shape so everything runs smoothly. Be sure to regulate its use so as not to damage the engine and/or waste fuel which all suffer given the hot conditions. Having all this in mind and maintaining proper car care will benefit not just the ca owner but also the car itself.


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