Things You Need to Know about Engine Tune-Up

Things You Need to Know about Engine Tune-Up

What is an engine tune-up?

Engine tune-ups include checking, diagnosing, and replacing bad spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor caps, fuel filters, air filters, and oil filters.

Tune-ups can also include checking emission levels, fuel lines, wiring, coolant hoses, and serpentine belts. Checking items such as ignition contact points, ignition timing, carburettors, and condensers aren’t included anymore because today’s vehicles include electronic ignitions as well as computers that automatically adjust engine timing when necessary.

These tune-ups keep your engine running as efficiently as possible and prevent early breakdown. Regular tune-ups will also extend the life of your vehicle.

If for whatever reason your car engine is lagging in power, sluggish, etc., then it might just need a good engine tune-up. A tune-up may involve changing the spark plugs, the air filter, or cleaning out the engine throttle body.

PCV valves, and/or the fuel injection system, may also need to be cleaned or replaced. In older cars, it may include replacing the fuel filter, ignition wires, and distributor system.



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