My Perfect view of Lagos




How well do you love lagos? Are you the touring type? Do you fancy the view of Lagos on the Go? When do you love your view of Lagos: during the Day or at Night?

Lagos, a city surrounded by water and split into two geographical Zones; Lagos Island and Lagos Mainland with the Third Mainland Bridge linking both zones together is one or better yet the best and fast rising city in Nigeria and West Africa.

Notably, the Third Mainland Bridge is long, it measures upto 11.8km in total length. In fact, it is the longest bridge in Nigeria, and was the longest in Africa up until 1996 when the 20.5km long “6th October Bridge” in Cairo was completed.

Today, we will be taking you on a tour into Lagos from the renowned Third Mainland Bridge where the view is perfect, captivating and lovely during the day and even at night.

Lets Go!!



This is one of the many views on the Third mainland Bridge, the view that best explain the greenness of Lagos. While driving, you can see the drifting of the waters as well as a perfect view of the University of Lagos Senate Building, Faculty of Arts, University Library among others.



While driving towards Lagos, you’re bound to have a better view of where you’re headed. As a worker or a resident, you must have a tip of the iceberg; an Elysiumic view of the Island. So whatever you drive: a saloon car, an SUV or a hatchback, be sure to capture the moment as you drive into the city of Lagos Island.




If there’s anything to marvel at while driving on the Third Mainland Bridge, it is at the life of the suburbians. The sight of woods preserved in the waters, the sight of houses erected on wooden bamboos in the waters thrills me. The sight of fishermen casting their net into the lagos lagoon is another sensational view, sometimes, one could see young lads fishing or paddling their boats perfectly. You never get tired of seeing this people as they come up with different ideas everyday.


Lagos! What an Adventurous city.

What other views do you enjoy seeing while driving through the Third Mainland Bridge? What makes you love your Journey into the Island of Lagos? Tell us in the Comment section.

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