Harvard Health Watch statistics states that an average person spends an estimated one hour six minutes driving to and from work everyday. Well, we Lagosians know that the traffic demons in our state could quadruple that time in just one journey especially if you have to commute between the Island and mainland everyday. Point being driven at exactly is that your car is third in the line of places you spend the most part of your day just after your house and workplace.

If you spend that much time in your car, it is only logical that you will expend more fuel than normal because of the length of the journey and your tendency to overwork the car’s parts for your comfort’s sake. You can however get ahead of your car’s fuel pump by doing a few things.



Ensure Gas Cap is On Tight

Want to know where your fuel is going even though you just topped up your tank and you haven’t driven anywhere? Simple answer is- the wind. Leaving your gas tank uncapped or not tightly done in could cause your fuel to evaporate just before you get the mileage you paid for.

Avoid Erratic Acceleration

Try all you can to apply consistent and steady pressure to your accelerator pedal when driving. Placing your foot heavily on the accelerator only reduces gas mileage and increases fuel consumption. Also, sudden starts and stops as well as quick braking costs you more fuel than driving smoothly.

Drive at Speed Limit

The wind resistance caused by driving fast costs you a lot of gas so drive exactly at or near speed limit, nothing more.

Keep the Tire Pressure Up

Your car manual or model recommends the proper psi (pounds per square inch) for your car wheels. Driving on uninflated or improperly inflated wheels reduces your car’s fuel efficiency about 2-5%. Do well to check your tire pressure regularly by using a tire gauge to ensure they are in line with manufacturer’s recommendations.

Reduce Weight in The Vehicle

A lot of people are guilty of this- keeping unnecessary junk in their car, especially in the trunk. What you do not know however is that extra weight saps the fuel in your car. Except you really need those extra load, keep them at home!

Keep Your Windows Up

The more aerodynamic your vehicle remains, the better for your fuel. Keeping your windows down creates more drag and wind resistance for your car especially at high speed. Whenever you are driving at a high speed, switch to your AC and leave your windows up.


The fuel queues are back in Lagos but it does not have to affect you as badly as it used to. You can save more on your fuel.

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