DIY Tips #Update


Not very many people in this part of the world pay attention to detailing their  cars. Infact, not very many people know what detailing means or entails. Detailing a car in its full essence means performing a thorough and show-quality cleaning, polishing, restoration and finishing on a motor vehicle. Detailing is done on a car’s interior and exterior. While full detailing might require the expertise of a professional at intervals, there are the basic ones that can be performed by random car owners more often.

These tips definitely help your car’s resale value simply because they keep it in good shape even while its in use by you. Most interestingly, they are simple tasks you can perform yourself.


Clean the Leather: Only a few things defaces a car like badly stained brightly colored upholstery. Most cars now come with leather upholstery which makes it easy to get stains off. Leather cleaning kits should be bought and kept in cars because stains should be taken off immediately. Leaving a stain on for 24 hours could permanently imprint the stain.


Lubricate Hood Hinges: It’s not abnormal that after a while of using your car, the hood and door hinges will start becoming stiff and creaky. Lubricants or ordinary motor oil can be applied to the hinges to ensure that the rusts and friction that cause the creaking do not cause worse damages or embarrassments. Clean off excessive oil to avoid debris collection.


Clean out Air Vents: Ever turned on a friend’s car AC and the first thing that hit you was a burst of hot dust? Well, it accumulated there because of someone’s negligence. Avoid that by using a small artist paint brush to work the dust out of your vent’s crevices.


Fix tears in leather seats: A leather/vinyl repair kit is inexpensive, and the repair takes only an hour. But don’t expect perfection. You’ll still see the tear, and you probably won’t get a perfect color match. However, this fix will contain the tear and look better than a gaping hole.


Clean Window from top: Avoid the grime that accumulate on the top of your window by cleaning it from the very top. The grime actually defaces your car.


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