As much as people wish to own cars in Nigeria, there are still underlying worries of maintaining it frequently; spending extra fixing costs and the major fear of having it involved in more damaging situations like a fire, an accident or getting stolen. Some people are very careful with their rides, obeying every car rule and road signal to the teeth but still their fellow road users who are not as careful will still bump into them, bashing the victim’s cars parts, bank accounts and  every careful effort they made in the process. To avoid painful stories that touch, we have insurance companies.

Straight up, car insurances allow you pick one of the packages they offer then you pay a yearly premium for the insured period. Depending on what package you pick, the weight of bearing a car damage cost all by yourself is lifted off to an extent. What then happens if you don’t have your car insured and you are a careful driver but one reckless driver damages a part of or all of your car? At least, that was not your fault. That is why the Nigerian auto insurance policy makes it compulsory for every car in Nigeria to at least have the ‘Third-party Insurance’. With this, the person who damaged your car gets to pay for the car damage, individual injury or loss of life. And just in case you are the one who hits another person’s ride for all the right or wrong reasons, whatever the case maybe the third party insurance you have covers the cost on your behalf but just for the other party. A comprehensive package on the other hand caters for you and your car damage personally. So, the fear of purchasing a car because of fateful or unfortunate events is sort of taken care of thanks to auto insurances.

As good as this sounds though, your worst fear of damaging your car and not getting a good offer in return from your insurance company could still materialize if by any chance you partner with the wrong firm. What if the company insures your car but really does not have the means yet to repair or replace your very expensive Bugatti, Porsche or BMW in case of a damage? Auto insurance firms with fame and capital, good client base and positive customer feedback or track record should be at the top of list when thinking of getting this done. Some five with the above features are:

Industrial and General Insurance (IGI): Being the most popular and longest serving auto insurance firm in Nigeria, IGI is a good bet for your car and other insurance companies only come after it.

Other effective insurance firms are: Leadway Assurance, AIICO, Great Nigerian Insurance and Cornerstone Insurance.     







Only read, understand and agree to the policies of these above firms before trusting them with your car insurance though. So you don’t get dragged to court by someone whose car you damaged and you are there for long because your insurance company won’t pay your litigation fees.


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