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2008 Toyota Sienna
2008 Toyota Sienna

Ever seen a vehicle that has it all when it comes to space, comfort, and dependability? Then let’s talk about the Sienna; ‘the perfect family car.’ The Toyota Sienna is reputably known as a family vehicle. This very comfortable minivan has also been described to run like a sedan due to its remarkable speed.

Features of the Toyota Sienna

The Sienna has won families over with its versatility, specifications, safety records, and its reliability.

  • Newer models of the Sienna are a good choice for their high-quality interior and exterior designs and all-wheel drive features.
  • The Toyota Sienna is sold in five primary trims: base L, LE, SE, XLE, and Limited and each trim has unique features that make it remarkable.
  • The Toyota Sienna is in a class of its own and when compared to other minivans it stands out because it is the only one with an all-wheel drive, giving you peace of mind on tougher roads.
  • The Sienna has very good cargo space and a very good engine.
  • The fuel consumption is relatively good for its size and capabilities.

However, it has its own flaws…

  • The Sienna is prone to having multiple cracks on the dashboard.
  • The door and boot handles have been described as prone to breakage.
  • Only the front seat windows can be rolled down therefore, the air conditioning system has to always be a 100% in the minivan.
  • The shock absorber at the back is also prone to damage and should not be used frequently on off-road conditions.
  • The timing belt must also be changed at 90,000 miles else it might snap.
  • Sienna models with electric sliding doors have been known to be problematic.

Despite these challenges, the Toyota Sienna stands out as a better preference than its competitor: ‘Honda Odyssey when choosing a family car. Want to know if it has a good second-hand value? You can get accurate information about that with our evaluation tool, simply log on to to know the current value of a used Toyota Sienna.

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