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For the lovers of the Toyota brand, here is what you might consider good news. Efforts are being made from the top to ensure Toyota refines and constantly develops its almost perfect car models in what is referred to as the abstract ‘now or never’ competition. The president of Toyota Motor  Corporation, Toyoda Akido mentioned just today that cars are in the era where they get to survive or die out if steps are not being taken by their makers to keep at the top in the rapidly changing auto world.

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Toyota president: Toyoda Akio


To this effect according to the president, a management shuffling of top leadership will be carried out and the new leadership will include a diversification of more non-Japanese and more female car veterans to handle new demands in electrification, autonomous driving and connectivity in order to give Toyota Motors the expertise it currently lacks starting from January 1st, 2018. This move was borne out of the fear of losing out to major competitors whom he refused to mention, speed decision-making and unleash creativity. He also mentioned that, “this change includes the appointment of people with high levels of expertise, regardless of time with the company or age and from the perspective of having the right people in the right places.”

So for the lovers of Toyota which I can almost conclude to be over half of Nigerians, starting from 2018 every new Toyota model will do for you a lot more than its predecessors did. Imagine having more amazing and new features to complement the already reliable, durable, comfortable and rugged ones Toyotas already possess. It is said that Toyota cars are the perfect fit for Nigerian roads and are made to outlast their owners, but with this act of shuffling top leadership in order to increase the performance of Toyota cars, we can only anticipate what the new models will be capable of.


Did you know:

  • Toyota was originally spelt Toyoda with  a ‘D’. It is named after the founder.
  • Toyota has the highest number of car patents.
  • Over 80 percent of Toyota cars that were sold 20 years ago  are still on the road today making them have the best resale value.  

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