Celebrities and their Cars #Update


Thank God its Friday!

Celebrities and their cars is here again, another time to take a tour into cars, wink at celebrities and maybe flirt with them. You know how it is, valentine is just few days away and who knows, one might get a special date with one of them. #glass_clicks

Today, we will give a detailed information about our hottest celebrities and how well they manage their automobiles. From Nigeria to the United States of America and the world at large. So, let’s get started……



Peter Okoye is a brother to Paul Okoye. The duo, better known as P-square now live their lives in solo. Though the group no longer exists, people still regard the separation as a rumour.

A look at Mr. P’s personality and automobile flamboyance, one would be inspired to dabble into the world of music: to sing, rap and dance. But as it it, the success isn’t just in one day, it’s been a long time coming.

Not only is he hot, he possesses a wide range of awesome cars. Who wouldn’t wish for a valentine date with the handsome personality in one of his demonic automobiles.



Lonnie Rashid came into limelight when he featured in the 2007 crime thriller ‘American Gangster’. He became a personality to reckon with. Having a balanced background in music, Lonnie became better on the screens, featuring in quite a number of movies. He starred in the notorious crime movie “John Wick” where he is believed to have hit the acting jackpot.

The hot Musician cum actor rides a variety of eye catching cars, a mobile treat in one of his cars will bring you nothing but a paradise bound feeling.



Everybody loves Iron man, everybody loves Tony Stark. well, Robert Downey is his real name and he is a hot personality.

This handsome actor has age on his side, yet time doesn’t tell on his appearance.

Maybe he is truly the Iron man but as far as we are concerned, let Tony Stark be our host this Valentine. What do you think?

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