A wise man once said that the way you treat your car is an exact replica of how you will treat your lady.

I’m forced to second this view for the logical reason that if you spend a lot of money to acquire a car, and you are fully aware of the stress it could put you through on all levels if anything happens to it, you’ll have no choice but to treat it right.

Since it’s Valentine’s day today and there’s this feeling to just pour some love on someone or something and receive some in return too, you could direct your love to your car especially if you are single at the moment. Trust me, not only will it be some form of practice so you know just exactly how to treat a woman when you eventually get one. It would give you fulfillment and long term service in return, it would not look as weird as you probably think. There was at least a picture some time ago of a man sitting by the Ikoyi bridge with his car parked beside him in what was an actual date setting. I mean, there was a bottle of wine and two cups. You guessed right, one of the cups belonged to the man. Now, I’m not asking you to do something that extreme though.

Here are some simple splurging tips for that sweetheart that has served you for so long:



This is like the most basic of all the things to do to your car and the purpose of it cannot be overemphasised. Of course, this is one thing we tell you to do every time you get the chance and Valentine’s Day should not be any exception. Only that today, go extra on it. Pour some wine (oil) into it in its right places, check those balloons (tires) to be sure they have the right amount of air, and change those filters with extra love and care.




Now, I know this is not one very easy thing to do especially when it has to be frequent. But on a day like this, go the extra mile. Start first with giving your car a spa treatment (jolly wash). If you cannot do the good job yourself, take it to a car wash. Trust me, this is a lot of work that will be worth it in the end. It’s time  for that stubborn mud stain, rust on the hubcap on the car’s exterior and carpet odor, as well as upholstery stain on the interior to take a hike. Waxing the car won’t be a bad idea as well.




This used to be a thing when I was growing up. People either parked their cars in garages or put quality car covers if they didn’t have car covers. I used to think they weren’t necessary then too. Fully understanding now the harm your car is subjected to from constant sun exposure, I’ll advice that you get a car cover. Not only will it keep your paint clean and shiny, your car’s interior will be protected from cracks.




You bought your car 5 years ago, and you haven’t changed one single accessory? Now is that time. You could get new carpets, I heard there is one they make now that can soak up to a litre of liquid and still not leak or smell. You can upgrade your sound system too or change the AC if the one that came in the car is not that good anymore. Just look for something that is wearing out and change it! It’s high time.




I think it’s very unfair on your car if you leave it to spend a night or two at any of the traffic regulatory authorities’ yard or let them hit the car severally with their batons simply because you won’t take out time to update your documents as at when due and you are always on the run when nemesis is about to catch up with you.. I mean leaving your car out in the cold or subjecting it to that kind of beating, not nice. If you can’t do it today the 14th, look for a day before this month ends to update every document and licence that needs to be updated because your car is what bears the brunt of your negligence in the long run.

Love your car enough to splurge on it. It has served you and it deserves it.


Happy Valentine’s day!


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