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After series of controversies had carved the differences between the Lagos PSP, the Lagos State Government and the Visionscape Sanitation on the Cleaner Lagos Initiative, Lagosians at large have suffered the misfortunes thereby causing frustration to the state Government as series of arrests are being made following illegal dumping of refuse in sensitive places.

Refuse waste in virtually every nook and cranny of Lagos have plundered the beauty of the Megacity. Though big bins are seen in remote areas, yet it has proven not to be enough as they soon get filled to the brim with the stench causing commuters to cover their nose while passing by.

But yesterday, things took a good turn as all key players who have hung onto the helm of the solidarity garment have decided to sheath their swords and collaborate in order to  ensure cleaner, prosperous and healthier environment in the state.

The decision to set aside differences and collaborate against the odds was reached yesterday at a meeting held between officials of the Lagos State Government, Visionscape Sanitation Solutions and Waste Collection Operators (WCOs) also known as Private Sector Participant (PSP) Operators.

The State’s Commissioner for Environment, Dr Babatunde Durosinmi-Etti affirmed that the government was interested in easing the challenges between both parties, taking to heart that both parties; are more experienced in Waste Management at present. He however stressed that resolving the challenge in a mutually beneficial manner was the best approach.

The State government will as a result create a synergy between Visionscape and the WCOs in their spheres of operation. Speaking on behalf of the WCOs, Kasumu Afis Olasehinde reiterated their commitment to the success of the Cleaner Lagos Initiative and pledged to roll out more trucks to rid Lagos of Wastes’ black spots.

“To show our total commitment to a cleaner, healthier and safer Lagos, we have not only resolved to work with the Government of Lagos State and the domestic waste operators as partners, we have also resolved to commence free Operations every Thursdays to mop up black spots in our respective areas” he said.


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