World Car News #Update



Imagine a world where cars could not only drive you to your destination safely, but could also independently park in designated spots without getting you a ticket in good time. Thankfully, German car brand Volkswagen has reportedly begun testing the possibility of this in an isolated section of the Hamburg Airport in Germany. Based on a survey which sees the average New Yorker spending about 100 hours a year getting an appropriate parking spot, this new invention might reduce this to close to zero.

Coming in 2020, major cars under the VW Group such as Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini and Bentley that have the VW AI feature will have been tested and readily available to autonomous parking. For now, these cars will be tested in safe and empty lots to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Eventually, after the safe testing has been concluded, these cars will be pushed into “mixed traffic” and public car parks so as to view the many possibilities in more open spaces.

The cars with the AI tech can be dropped off at the entrance of empty car garage and then self-navigate to a free spot, using map data to navigate and spot “pictorial markers” for orientation using sensors. The drivers can then communicate with the cars with an app to initiate a self-navigation back to the the drivers location. This new technological advancement will enable fast and easy parking to the many users of this car brand and will alleviate the stress of  looking for that perfect parking spot.

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