About 45,000 2018 VW Tiguan crossover SUVs equipped with panoramic moonroofs have been recalled over an LED ambient light unit that can catch fire, the NHTSA said on Tuesday.

The affected 2018 Tiguans were built between December 8, 2016, and July 7, 2018. After July 7, the design of the LED ambient light unit mounted in the vehicle’s headliner was changed.

Volkswagen dealers have been instructed to disconnect the LED ambient light unit in the headliner and apply a piece of aluminum tape to seal it until a revised design is ready. At that time, VW will contact Tiguan owners to have the light unit replaced. The automaker said it will begin notifying owners in September.

In a government filing VW said that high humidity in the vehicle, caused either by ambient weather or by leaving the sunroof open in the rain, could cause a fire.

“Vehicle occupants may notice a burning odor or smoke coming from the front of the sunroof frame,” the government filing said.

VW said that it first became aware of the LED light overheating in April 2017, but that it was not aware of a fire related to the issue until May when one was reported in California.

The recall does not include the 2018 Tiguan Limited, which is based on an older design.

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