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Just when the whole world of automakers went the SUV way, Volkswagen joined the bandwagon. The result of that can be seen in their Atlas which like most mid-size family crossover was a 7-seater vehicle. The purpose of an SUV according to most automakers is to create extra space especially for families anyways.

However in order to suit the desire of all car users across board especially lovers of big sized cars even though they seat lesser, Volkswagen has announced that it would release a new variant of the Atlas. This one would seat just 5 people. Whether the specifications of the new Atlas will exactly replicate that of the 7-seater in terms of car length, display inch and wheel base is something we are fully yet to know. Volkswagen also has not officially released anything concerning that.

The vehicle is set for unveiling at the much anticipated New York Auto Show which will take place next week. Just then will the specifications be seen and we will get to know if it would be referred to as an SUV or a coupe.



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