We Have Our Very Own Avengers!

It has been an extremely exciting week for everyone around the world. But also, we couldn’t help but notice how “female power” was displayed across television screens and theaters. Let’s jog your memory a bit.

From the stables of Marvel Studios, we got an epic movie “Avengers: End Game” which gave us a powerful scene where the magnificent women of the Marvel cinematic universe teamed up, looking unstoppable to defeat the common enemy (the inevitable).

We were barely able to get back from all that awesomeness when Arya Stark Of Winterfell stared death in the face and said “Not Today” when a popular villain the world had watched for over 6 years was completely annihilated, courtesy of HBO.

While all these happened in fiction, we can’t help but bring you to reality where we actually know female superheroes in real life!

We work round the clock at Cars45 and one of the major engines for our growth and prosperity has been our female leads. From our managers at the Head Office, our Center Managers, Merchants, Dealer Partners, Creative Directors, Caterers, and Janitors.


Our female leads have been a major driving force in the growth of this business with their relentless passion, undeniable work ethic and teamwork which we term as their “superpowers”. They display their “girl power” so effortlessly we wonder how they make it so easy. And for that, we salute them.

Of course, our staff is made up of superheroes in human form. Literally. But today, alongside the fact that the world has seen how important female unity is through the eyes of movies, we want to end this week with showering nothing but praises and appreciation to our female leads who have proven time and again that they can do anything as they crush stereotypes and boundaries!

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