It is an apparent fact that cars are not appreciable in value. Heck, you cannot even get the exact price  for one if you decide to sell it few seconds after buying and driving it out of a car dealership.

It is also an apparent fact that 80% car owners dispose off their cars by selling it the moment they get another or the old one starts acting up. The major concern from here however is usually that the price gotten for a used car is not fair enough or it could be more especially when one procured the car at a really high price.

What we fail to realise however is that the extent to which we go in picking out a car and maintaining it during its lifetime with us determines how much money reselling it will rake in. If you really want to make the best from your used car, then you will have to put your money, time and commitment where your mouth is, which in this case is your car.

Here are some things to consider if you will like to get a high value for your car.


BRAND: Only very few people price value and strength over luxury and technology in Nigeria when picking out a car. The reason for this is pretty simple, cars are status symbols before anything else in our part of the world. However, some cars are stronger than the others and wear out slowly even with the pressure the Nigerian roads and climate as well as car owner’s negligence put on them. It is even funny that these strong cars are sometimes cheap when compared to the price the highly luxurious and fragile ones are offered for. Without saying too much, such strong cars like Toyota, Mercedes Benz and the likes of them will rake in more as a used car than a Range Rover Sports and Lexus RX.



EXTERIOR CONDITION: Keeping your car in a good cosmetic condition definitely makes it look good on the outside no matter how many years you have had it for. The right body washes, sponges and even decoration does a lot more than you will ever think. Before thinking of selling your car too, car stickers, licence plate frames and other sticky materials should be done away with. Nothing attracts buyers like a bland, inoffensive sheet metal.




MECHANICAL CONDITION: If there is one thing that scares buyers away from used cars, I would say it is this one. Buying a used car equals buying the problems that come as a result of the prior owner’s negligence. The thought that one has to spend extra funds in repairing a car especially if it comes with too much issues already lowers the amount a buyer is willing to pay for it. For your good, pay attention to the servicing of your car as much as you can and keep a record of it in order to show the buyer. It could give you more in terms of pricing.

Keep these in mind and trust me, you will get a good deal when trying to sell your used car.


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