What Your Car Color Says About You

A car’s colour can say a lot about its owner.

According to Chris Rewell, an image and colour consultant and former President of the Colour Society of Australia, a car’s colour can say a lot about its owner. Here, she shares her thoughts on several shades.


PPG popularity: 18%

Personality traits: “Black is the colour of power and mystery,” says Chris. “It is authoritative, dignified and sophisticated; the colour of independence, strength of convictions, intensity, self-control and protection.”

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PPG popularity: 9%

Toyota Camry 2019

Personality traits: “Red is about physical stimulation and high energy — physical action and passion,” says Chris. “It demands attention and is confident and bold.”

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PPG popularity: 7%

Honda Accord 2019

Personality traits: “Blue represents truth, solidarity and duty,” says Chris. “To Egyptians, it meant divinity, truth and integrity. Blue is calming and non-threatening, and 33% of people choose it as a favourite colour generally.”

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PPG popularity: 2%

Suzuki Jimny 2019

Personality traits: “Green is the balance between warm and cool,” says Chris. “Methodical, efficient, balanced and controlled, it is the colour of security, success and achievement. It can be seen as the colour of money, also the promise of a fresh start — going forward, getting the ‘green light’. Green creates calm and is harmonious.”

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PPG popularity: Part of the 1% attributed to ‘other’ colours

Hyundai Veloster 2019

Personality traits: “Yellow is the lightest and brightest of the warm spectrum colours,” says Chris. “Positive by nature, it attracts attention in a cheerful, optimistic manner.”

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