Check out the Tesla model that would hardly need servicing in e.g Nigeria.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk said at the global launch of the Model 3 in Fremont, California, that the new Tesla model 3 will go over 1,000,000 miles before you have to service its powertrain. So no need for engine, transmission and axle service like we’ve been used to. Splendid!

Although, you will still have to change other consumables more often e.g the tyres, brakes etc.. He said “the next generation powertrains are designed to be a million miles between services.” he seems to be very confident about the powertrains, electric motors and cells implemented in the Tesla Model 3.

For those interested in buying the Tesla, it comes with a four-year warranty and a eight-year battery warranty, pricing starts from N12.7 million ($35,000) with estimated range of 354 km (220 miles), but with N3.3 million ($9,000), you can get the Model 3 Long Range and have 498 km (310 miles) of range.

Source: Autojosh

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