Why Nigerians Shouldn’t Sleep on Suzuki

Nigerians love comfort and absolutely love using trusted and popular car brands.

In 2018, the National Bureau of Statistics estimated the number of vehicles in Nigeria to be over 11.7 million and counting as new cars, designs and models emerge daily.

Popular Car Brands — Logos

It’s no secret that car brands such as the Toyota, Kia, Honda, Hyundai, Ford and Nissan have been serving us from generation to generation. These cars are just a few of the popular brands in the market. Another brand that has served us for many years is Suzuki.

This Japanese multinational company has managed to remain a trusted brand since 1909. The Suzuki car models seen on Nigerian roads are an indication of the brand’s durability and ruggedness.

Recently, Suzuki completely redesigned, re-imagined, and re-engineered from the ground up to satisfy the needs of car enthusiasts. These new designs are not only trendy but also pocket-friendly vehicles.

The Suzuki models available in Nigeria include the Swift, Ciaz, Alto, and Baleno. The other models which are designed to mirror Off-Road Vehicles/Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are the Jimny and Vitara.

Know this:

You can own a brand new Suzuki car for as low as N3.6 million!

Check out some of your options:

Suzuki Alto ( N3,294,180)

Suzuki Alto

Practical & AffordableA low price tag of and running costs are just a few of the many things to enjoy with the Suzuki Alto.

Suzuki Jimny (N11,000,000)

Suzuki Jimny

Rugged & Capable — Suzuki Jimny is an adventurous SUV that can hold its own on dirt tracks and hillsides. It’s cheap, tough and is reasonably comfortable.

Suzuki Swift (N6,116,400)

Suzuki Swift

Sporty & Stylish — Suzuki Swift will not disappoint you with its subcompact hatch goodness. It’s got a budget price-tag and is actually one of the best all-round superminis on the road.

Suzuki Vitara (N9,900,000)

Suzuki Vitara

Youthful & Hip — Suzuki Vitara is a small SUV with lively engines, modern styling and an impressive amount of kit fitted as standard. It’s practical and comfortable.

Suzuki Baleno (N7,100,000)

Suzuki Baleno

Compact & Practical — The Suzuki Baleno is a small, five-door hatchback that’s slightly larger than the Suzuki Swift. It offers more interior space than most models of a similar size and it’s not short of standard equipment either.

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