Celebrities and their Cars #Update

This week we are going on a tour, from Massachusetts to U.A.E  and down to New Orleans, we have carefully selected a number of celebrities whose cars are a sight to behold. So, sit tight as we take you on an adventurous jolly ride.


The ‘you can’t see me’ croner and WWE star cum Actor is loved by all across the world.

John Cena grew up in West Newberry, Massachusetts where it is believed that his love for cars got kindled. He worked for a Limousine company after graduating from college before featuring in the WWE.

Cena is believed to have a total of 29 cars and just recently, he released a shocking statement that his cars have outgrown the garage in his Mansion.





Hamdan isn’t your everyday celebrity. Presently, he is the ruler(Emir’s representative) in the western region of Abu Dhabi or the mayor of the region.

The Emirati Royalty and Politician is the sole owner of the Emirates Stadium in England as well as the sole funder of the Manchester City Football club. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political sciences and business administration, which he received from the United Arab Emirates University.

A preview of his cars will leave you speechless. He has cars that look like a home, a truck and a fleet of cars for each day of the week.

These pictures will tell a better story.






Tyler perry is an american actor, comedian, filmmaker and songwriter (gospel genre though). He is better known for his role as ‘Madea’ in the Madea movies and performance series.

A successful performance and production of stage plays and movies struck him a multi-year partnership with Oprah Winfrey and her Oprah Winfrey network.The partnership was largely for the purposes of bringing scripted television to the Network.

Tyler Perry loves to ride in style and we have taken note.





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