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The name Hamad bin Hamdan al Nahyan might not ring a bell, but every car enthusiast will agree that he is one person that takes his love for cars to a whole new planet entirely.

He owns a different car for each day of the week, the size of one of his cars can pass for a 5 Storey house, some of his cars gets uniquely built in a desert because they cannot be assembled at a car plant,this dude is a real Motorhead.

The Abu Dhabi  billionaire Sheikh who stems from the royal lineage has exuded an unrivalled passion for cars, one that is almost nearing obsession. His 7  Mercedes cars are of the 7 different colors of the rainbow which earned him the nickname- Rainbow Sheikh and each is for the 7 days of the week.


…there goes Monday to Saturday


And the collection doesn’t end there. The biggest Jeep in the world, a Dodge Power Wagon which serves as a luxury mobile house belongs to Hamad as well as a car that has its parts made from an ocean liner and an oil rig.  His collection has every car you can think of regardless of size, model or brand. Some of these cars have never seen the light of day while some just make part of the Emirates National Auto Museum which belongs to the Sheikh.


Desert Pyramid Garage



…the Rainbow Sheikh







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