You should drive your car this scarcity period…Here’s why

Fuel scarcity is that friend that you do not want over at yours because they are simply bad company and you are only related to them based on belief. But you know they are bound to visit and as such you must stay prepared. One thing to note however is the scarcity before the main scarcity; in a way it seems a secret memo is passed to some drivers that there will be a fuel shortage and so they queue to save for tomorrow. And when tomorrow finally comes, there is still an okay fuel supply but with the almost unnecessary queues. So that is part of why we’re here today.

For a set of people when fate finally has its way and fuel starts to sell at a ridiculous price not to forget the special “fuel scarcity traffic” (mostly caused by consumers), some car owners might opt out of driving for a short period. Although initial reasons might be understandable and economical – let’s look at the flip side. Depending on how critical the shortage is, it is important to manage all scarcity related activities without much difficulty. First, always have a regulated amount of fuel supply that will not get you stranded.

Heavy traffic on Lagos roads

Adding to the fact that fuel scarcity might be terrible on individual pockets; one will not want to be left stranded. An easy plan of fuel consumption for cars and other mechanical appliances will be a regulated consumption plan that is appropriately maintained. Thereby in the event of a shortage period one will not need to panic when trying to buy, this way you will be driving at ease without having to queue up for hours on busy roads or having to opt out of driving.

(Comfort in time of peril should be a watchword but if it isn’t, it comes in very handy here). Your car is more important during scarcity as you can move around in comfort without having to pay double the fare especially with any public transport system. It is also safer and more time friendly, apart from the traffic you might encounter, you get to avoid the ordeal of being swindled on the roads or at the fuel stations. As much as the chaos might be difficult to avoid, it is important to balance the incoming attack ie “fuel scarcity”.

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