The depreciation of cars today are mostly caused by the negligence of car owners; research shows that new car will lose approximately 20 percent of its value in the first year and 15 percent more – every following year. The alarming decrease in market value tends to vary between manufacturers and models.


One will think every car owner should know this, but we only think it’s best to share again, so here we go:

Mileage: A vast majority of car owners have no idea that; the more miles your vehicle has covered over the years, the less it is worth. So check your dashboard, if your vehicle mileage has clocked almost 2.9 million miles, you are either gunning for the next Guinness World Record or you might be playing with a car value that is next to nothing.

Ever seen a car drive by looking worn out and wonder “how is that car even on the road?” Well not a lot of people pay attention to how their cars look and are maintained, that in itself can be a major depreciating factor.

There are two kinds of drivers; the ones with a half tank saying “I need to fill up” and the ones with an empty tank saying “it’ll get me there”. But most drivers don’t know, a higher number of miles per gallon ultimately makes a car more affordable to run and will have less negative on your car.

Having read this, it is ok if you are one of the drivers; it could mean it’s time to change your habit or even better time to change your car. But we think it’s time to change your car. You deserve an upgrade?

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