Your Roadside Superhero Is Here

Picture this…

You’re cruising in your car, listening to your favourite jam on the radio on a cool sunny day. All of a sudden you hear the grinding sound a tire rim makes when it hits a tarred road.

Just as you’re pulling over to the side of the road, black smoke starts to escape from your bonnet.

Who do you call?

Of course, the first call will be to your mechanic. But then, the number is unreachable. A total nightmare!

At that moment, you just wish a superhero would swoop in and come to your rescue. Well, say no more!

We are pleased to announce the birth of our new emergency service which you can enjoy from the 22nd of September 2019! This is borne out of our commitment to providing consumers with essential automotive services that make their lives easy and more productive.

Whether it’s a dead battery or flat tire, fuel delivery, vehicle towing, and other emergency services, Cars45 Roadside Assistance provides you with help when you need it the most.

Watch out for more information.

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