Danfo Series: Where Is My Change?

It’s the early hours of Monday morning and you’re at the bus stop. You check your pocket and see that what you have are just N1,000 Naira notes. Salary just got paid and you’re a boss with money. The conductor just has to find change.

The bus arrives and everyone is struggling to get on. The conductor yells ‘Enter With Your Change’ but you cannot be bothered. Change must come from somewhere.

You settle in and the bus begins to move. The first attempt? Ask passengers to see if anyone has change so you can collect and pay for them.

Nobody answers you.

The conductor goes around and starts to collect everyone’s money. He stops and looks at you upset as you hand him N1,000. ‘I No Get Change O’ he says, but you cannot be bothered because he just has to find it.

You cannot come and go and die

Everyone is now hustling to get their change.

For some reason, the conductor skips you.

Now you’re becoming really uneasy and upset.

You try to think about it. You happen to be the only one who entered with N1,000 so the conductor HAS to have change.

You’re approaching your final bus stop and he still hasn’t bothered to look your way.

‘Conductor, Where Is My Change?’

You keep asking for close to 5 minutes and he keeps uttering the same thing ‘I go give you’

You get to your destination and there’s still no change. You are ready to fight.

The passengers are holding you back from putting your hands on the conductor.

He finally brings out squeezed money from his pocket and throws at you. It is quite annoying but you pick up your money from the floor as the bus zooms off.

The money is dirty but that’s not the issue.


Heart wrenching, annoying and upsetting. We know.

Play this scenario in your head. You definitely do not want it to be you.

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